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Pointing Work

North West London Builders Ltd is able to assist you with any work that you want relating to roof pointing. The pointing and bedding of your roof are both extremely significant components of the structure of your roof. The pointing on your roof has to be maintained in order to keep your roof in good shape and to avoid any problems from emerging. Should you need any hip or ridge tiles to be repointed, please get in contact with our welcoming staff by clicking here. We would be more than pleased to assist you.


A further layer of mortar is put on top of the roof bedding to provide the pointing for the roof. This is done in order to establish a stronger seal and to prevent any dirt, dust, or water from getting into the container.

Historically, roofs were pointed using a mixture of cement and mortar. However, in recent years, cement mortar has been gradually being replaced with flexible pointing compounds.

In response to changes in temperature and humidity, the novel flexible pointing chemicals undergo expansion and contraction. This decreases the likelihood that the mortar may develop cracks. As a result of this decrease in the possibility of cracks, the risk of your roof leaking is reduced.


Any work that has to be done on the pointing of your roof may be handled by our skilled roofing crew; whether you have only one loose ridge tile or several hip tiles that need to be fixed, we are here to assist you. The staff has the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to assist you with the pointing of your roof. You may get in touch with us right away if you want any guidance or a price estimate on roof pointing, and we will assist you with any roof pointing services you want.

On all of the roofing work that we carry out, we provide complete warranties. This not only includes a guarantee on the quality of the material that we use but also a guarantee on the quality of our labor. This ensures that you can rely on us to do any necessary repairs to your roof in the event that they become necessary. Since we have been in business and have been guaranteeing our work throughout that time, you can rest confident that if there is ever an issue, we will be there to rectify the situation for you.

The section of the mortar joint that is visible from the outside of masonry projects is called the pointing. The pointing suffers from degradation over the course of time, which may lead to spaces or holes appearing between the units. As one would expect, this adds to the general weakening of the structure, as can be seen here. These cracks allow water to enter, which then has the potential to cause damage. When voids or spaces begin to emerge, it is necessary to have roof pointing services either point it or repoint it. This practice is also known as “pointing up” in the building industry.

Several Facts Regarding Pointing

Prior to getting into the significance of pointing out and the importance of employing a professional service, there are a few fundamental things that need to be understood. In most cases, stone blocks or bricks make up the majority of the masonry units that are used. Because the units are set on a mortar bed, the mortar is forced to squeeze out through the spaces between the units as a result. After it has been molded and cleaned, it will then begin to solidify. Because the mortar is an integral component of the design for certain projects, it is not thoroughly cleaned but rather given an improved and more aesthetically pleasing surface.

The Numerous Advantages of Pointing

Construction that is made of brick or stone often needs to withstand the harsh effects of a variety of weather conditions, including precipitation, freezing temperatures, and high winds. Despite the fact that these buildings are strong and can withstand the forces of nature, their sturdiness and resilience are not going to be maintained indefinitely. It’s possible that, given enough time, the mortar may start to deteriorate, leaving the building devoid of the component that provides the majority of its strength. When the face of the mortar can no longer be seen clearly, it is necessary to look into getting services for roof pointing. Getting your building’s roof pointed has a number of important advantages, including the following:

To begin, it will give the building a fresh appearance without necessitating any substantial repairs in the foreseeable future, which will save you money.

Second, it strengthens the structure of the roof, making it more resistant to the effects of adverse weather than it was previously.

Thirdly, the spaces in the mortar may let water, dust, and other particles of debris blow into the building. You can put an end to all of this by enlisting the assistance of a roof pointing service, which will also assist you in maintaining the cleanliness of the inside of your home.

This will also result in an improvement in the value of the home, provided that roof pointing was completed not too long ago. This is due to the fact that repointing both extends the life of the building and makes it more resilient.

Typical Indications That Your Roof May Require Roof Pointing

Repointing a roof requires doing a variety of everyday duties, such as repairing broken, cracked, or otherwise deteriorated mortar or cement. Due to the fact that most homeowners do not spend a significant amount of time on house maintenance tasks, it is essential to be aware of when it is the appropriate time to make repairs. The following is a list of some of the more obvious warning signs that your roof is in need of this kind of repair work:

If the roof is older than twenty years, it is likely in need of some maintenance work, which may involve repointing.

The roof will eventually develop a rusty appearance and display its age after some length of time has passed. Washing and cleaning on a regular basis is something that homeowners may do to help avoid this problem. Nevertheless, there are occasions when there is no choice but to do quality repair work in order to prevent unforeseen leaks and the development of mold or algae.

If the sun is able to shine through cracks and holes in the roof, this is one of the most evident indications that the roof needs maintenance.

If during a cursory examination of the roof, you find tiles that are loose or unsteady, this is unmistakable evidence that your roofing system needs professional maintenance. If you do not take the necessary steps to fix your roof, you may end up needing to completely replace it.

A significant drop in the roof might be an indication of structural problems, such as decay in the building’s support framework.

Over time, iron sheets may corrode and become corrugated, both of which need adequate upkeep to prevent further damage.

In the event that there are cracks in the roof, this might result in the falling of mortar, which is an indication that the roof needs care.

Having shingles that are missing or loose, problems with the gutters or nail problems are all indications that your roof needs a closer check or repair.

How to Decide on the Appropriate Pointing Service

So, as is evident from the selection made above, roof pointing services are an essential component of home repair that have numerous advantages. Nevertheless, a great deal rides on the level of expertise and experience of the provider you wind up using. Here are some guidelines to follow so that you may increase the likelihood of making a successful business transaction:

There is no greater piece of advice than to inquire with close friends or family members about their recommendations. Recommendations from people you know personally are an excellent technique to find professional services to employ, since they attest to the high quality of those businesses’ work.

You might also do an online search for companies that are comparable to your own. There are a number of internet listing sites that one may use to find and employ pointing services. Be careful to verify that their qualifications, feedback left by previous clients, and information obtained from background checks can all be seen on the company’s official website.

Get a formal contract outlining the services you want to hire them for as the last step. This should be standard practice for any professional service, and the consumer should not be required to request it. If you want to make sure that you receive the greatest bargain possible, you shouldn’t be afraid to acquire a few different price quotations before employing one of the companies. Examine each of the quotations, then choose the one that seems to best fit your needs.

Only a highly trained and experienced team of roofing specialists like North West London Builders Ltd. should be entrusted with the task of pointing the roof, whether it is being done for the first time or repairing damage that has accumulated over the years.

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